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femooi - my first cleansing instrument Mixed oil skin has long wanted to buy a cleansing instrument, I feel that Luna is slightly expensive and has never started. Someone suddenly jumped out of femooi, and the value of the eye attracted me. I came to Xiaohong’s homework and saw the introduction. Silicone and Luna are certified by the US FDA, so start! It took a half month to feel very good~ Femooi has 4 functions: 💧 Cleansing noodles: There are 3 files, and the evaluation of cleansing (using 2 files) can be seen that the cleaning power is still very strong! The brush is very soft and the face is very comfortable~ it is indeed a lot cleaner than the hand! Hot compress: my most favorite feature! ! After work, the eyes are sour, and the heat is soothing a lot, just like wearing steam goggles! I can’t wait to increase the area of hot packs! I will also use it to open pores to help clean and absorb ~ ❄: After the hot compress, wait 10 seconds and then apply ice. I use it more to apply the eye and edema. 🍄 Massage: I use this function less~ it is not particularly useful, occasionally used to lift the skin, or apply a mask to help absorb excess essence. ⚡ Charging: This is to be praised! Wireless charging is very convenient! Mainly this base can be used as a cleansing instrument when not charging! 🌟 Advantages: More features! Very practical and very easy to use! All written on it! ⭐ Disadvantages: fast electricity! It’s really awkward than Luna’s electricity! It may be caused by a lot of functions, and the frequency used is also too much. I have to use it for 2 weeks to charge! If you use 4 functions at a time, the body will be slightly warm, so I have some little worry~ to sum up: I have always liked the products with a unique function. I always feel more ingenious. I will try to see Luna in the future! But now this femooi I am in love! High value! The main cleansing function is very good! Other features are icing on the cake, it is worth starting! Nowadays, there are more and more cleansing instruments of various brands. You can do your homework and choose according to your own needs. The best for you is best.

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