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Now you can have your facial at home!

Recently there is a new popular facial treatment called “6 in 1”in beauty salons, well that is great but… too expensive! I wanna share a facial device that you can have your facial at home! Yes that is a facial device, but a device contains 6 functions: deep cleansing+ water moisture+ face tightening + eye caring+ cooling & calming+ pores shrinking. When it comes to facial devices, the first brand come to your mind must be Luna and Clarisonic, both of them are famous for their cleaning facial device, and I was using Luna for a long time, it was nice anyway. But only when I first use femooi, I was deeply impressed by it! Let me show you how to have your facial at home: ⭕️Deep cleansing 1.Remove makeup and turn on ‘warm’ mode of your femooi 2.Apply cleansing product, turn on ‘cleansing’ mode The cleansing brush is so soft! And my face feel so smooth after using ⭕️water moisture Apply facial mask, turn on ‘warm’ mode, massaging on your face, you will find out your mask has never been absorbed so fast! ⭕️ face tightening Remove the mask, when there is still some essential oil on your face, turn on the ‘massage’ mode of femooi, which could help your face tightening and never waste any essential of your mask ⭕️Eye caring Turn on ‘warm’ mode, the size of the mental part of femooi just fits your lower eyelids. After apply eye cream you can also use ‘warm’ mode to help absorbing.
⭕️Cooling & Calming Mostly I use the ‘cooling’ mode to remove the puffy around my eyes in the morning. ⭕️Pores shrinking By use the ‘cooling’ mode on the areas has enlarged pores could shrinking pores and made your face more smooth 🔋Charging I really like that femooi as a facial device it can charging wirelessly, it’s so safe and satisfying!

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