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Best 3-in-1 cleansing instrument that exists!! ️

The strongest 3-in-1 cleansing instrument on the surface!! ️ 🌙 Recently, because I accidentally brushed a video shared by @废柴柒哥, the video said that Luna and femooi are the contrast of these two cleansing faces. I was still struggling to start Luna, but after reading it, I feel femooi cleansing instrument. Really much stronger than Luna In the video, this cleansing instrument has a powerful three-in-one function: face cleaning + lifting massage + eye care!! ️ There are four different modes at the same time, and Luna has only one, which means that a cleansing instrument can also be used as a massager. This saves money on the massage device and saves a few lipsticks. This is only half the price of Luna! The price is very high, so I will decisively plant the femooi 🌙 Next, I will share the use of this cleansing instrument! It’s too versatile, I’ve been pondering for a long time~ The first point of Luna’s victory: unique face cleaning Its facial cleansing area, which is the front of the soft hair, should be a relatively advanced silicone material. 1 First remove the makeup, then you can turn on the warm mode, massage for 5 minutes, (PS: this mode is used with the bottom of the cleansing instrument). While the whole face massage, you will feel a warm feeling, which is good for the stretching of the pores. 2 After cleaning the face, the cleaning mode is turned on. This vibration will not be very large. Anyone can adapt it. After 2 minutes, the machine will automatically shut down and then rinse off with water. Great cleaning! After use, it is much cleaner than handcuffs~ 3️⃣ Press the ice muscle mode, this mode is also used with the bottom! When used, there will be a feeling of cool ice and ice, which is very helpful for the cleansing and shrinkage of the pores~ ✔️Second point: unique lifting massage The model of the lifting massage has a large amplitude, so the area on the back is used. The massage ripple on the back is very special. I also saw it for the first time (after all, the general cleansing instrument is just clean on both sides.) 1️⃣ Apply some skin care products or facial serum first. 2 ️⃣ press the massage mode, according to some massage techniques (you can search some bloggers to share the trick) In fact, this is also equivalent to the massage instrument, and then according to the effect you want to perform facial massage just fine~ ✔️The third point: ice and fire two days of eye care This heating and cooling mode is the biggest highlight of this cleansing instrument! Apply to the unique bottom design of the cleaning machine for eye care! 1️⃣ Clean around the eyes, turn on the warm mode, massage around the eyes, the feeling of heat can promote blood circulation in the eyes. 2️⃣ Apply eye cream, open ice muscle mode, massage around the eyes for 5 minutes, feel cold and cool, keep using it, can effectively dilute dark circles and eliminate eye swelling PS: After each mode is turned on, pressing it again will turn it off~ Hey, haha, don’t worry about its leakage problem. The waterproof system really does a good job because it is no! line! Charge! Electricity! This Dutch brand’s femooi cleansing instrument function is simply better than other ones. I don’t think it’s really hot. I am sorry for its powerful design~

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